Heritage Paramotor


Available in Pull or Electric as dual this paramotor is the answer to customers seeking an all round performing machine full intuitive yet simple features. Fitted with the best of everything on our He ritage frame you have a great machine to last. Light weight, forgiving & robust, designed to last, simple swift setup & derig for transport in just seconds with the hassle free 4 part cage complimented with a stowaway protection cover. Effortless design, reinforced easy adjust free flight swing arms fitted with dual ronstan bearings for a friction free manouvreability & an awesome handling in flight on or off power. Heritage frames house our skid base & angled tank. Off Grid Aviation Cruise control throttle included Weighing in at just 23.1kg complete (Dual / Electric start version) / 22.1kg Pull Start version Custom colour option free Choice of Dudek Powerseats in stock in Standard S/M/L/XL & Dudek Light Powerseat Versions alsoShow more

Returns policy

Paramotor Training Uk accepts returns within 7 days if products are not opened , used, changed, washed or otherwise manipulated. Products need to be returned in original packaging & as such completely free of defect. No products may be returned to Paramotor Training Uk without the prior written consent of Paramotor Training Uk and are subject to a return charge of £12 restocking fee for items valued £100-500, £29 items valued above £500

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As a purchaser / customer / by entering this site, you accept the terms & are free to cancel an order within 7 days and will be refunded all or part amount of your order to their account the order originally was paid from. Please raise contact with the store to request details to resolve any issues. We will in all cases endeavour to provide the best service to you possible for a positive outcome for all. For Courses & Experiences we have a no refund policy for these types of services no refunds will be granted in any case, the 6 month open plan grace term is applicable for your reservation / booking, due to the substantial costs involved for your reservation it is not possible to refund these services as the consultancy, training, membership to aviation club & groups, seat, aircraft & equipment, airfields & prep so to speak are or have been prebooked, reserved & prepared specific to the student/s. These considerable costs to the school in your booking are unrecoverable therefore we offer your seat for 6 months reserved specific to you once original booking slot is due or past.

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