Vittorazi Moster Propellers - Carbon Editions


Heritage Aero Light Carbon Propeller to fit Vittorazi Moster 185cc 6x6x60mm Hole Centre 25mm Reduction 2.68 Anti Clockwise rotation Viewed from rear / Belt Driven - Almost all other models availabl e to fit other engines & hub sizes. Carbon light Propeller, stunning finish & all round excellent performance. Tested & proven UK Next day delivery - Large Stocks for every model & size Almost all other models available contact us for details & prices Excellent ductility & performance properties with minimal power flex giving increase to performance throughout the dynamic curve of power to thrust. Enhanced cooling profile Balanced in harmony for reduced vibration & additional comfort Resilient coating material / reinforced leading & edge coating - ET5429 thixotropic which offers improved hardened resistance to impact and helps reduce vibration. Easy to clean Shear strength standard Carbon fibre application (ISO4587) Paramotor Training Uk - Fly First ClassShow more

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